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Generic Mod Enabler v2.3.0 – Tutorial Uyeol

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 Generic Mod Enabler v2.3.0 – Tutorial

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Generic Mod Enabler v2.3.0 – Tutorial I231076_gsli

Generic Mod Enabler v2.3.0 – Tutorial Empty
MesajKonu: Generic Mod Enabler v2.3.0 – Tutorial   Generic Mod Enabler v2.3.0 – Tutorial EmptyPaz Ara. 27, 2009 5:31 am

Because this tool is not well known in the PES community, I thought it worth mentioning. With Kitserver it allows you to install or uninstall a mod with a single click. But rather than explaining what it does, it’s probably best if you just see it in action:

As you can see in the demo, the program intelligently keeps track of all mod installs, so that it warns you if one mod overwrites part of another. It makes swapping, uninstalling, and testing mods very simple. You don’t have to remember which mod is which file and where, and what order you installed them. The program does it all for you. You can uninstall every mod with a click, and it keeps copies of all your original mods, so it’s great for testing different mods working with each other.
If you are a reasonably experienced Kitserver user, and you love swapping mods in and out, I think it’s worth spending ten minutes setting this program up.

Generic Mod Enabler v2.3.0 – Tutorial B347963download

Usage Tip : You can use SHIFT-Click & CTRL-Click to select multiple mods like in Windows. The software does all the rest.
Suggested Installation Guide :
1 – Kitserver should be installed first. Download JSGME & run JSGME setup. When it asks, install into any folder of your choice eg. C:\PES 2010 STUFF\
All your mods will be stored and activated in subfolders of this first one.
2 – JSGME will ask what you want to call your stored mod folder, I suggest leaving it at the default, which is ‘MODS’. It will create the subfolder C:\PES 2010 STUFF\MODS\
That’s it for JSGME setup.
3 – Now we must tell Kitserver where our mods are. We need to think of a name for another folder, the active mod folder, and it helps (later) if the folder name is also short. For now let’s just call it ‘MODS ACTIVE’.
Open config.txt in your \Pro Evolution Soccer 2010\kitserver\ folder.
At the [afs2fs] section, add a line pointing to your ‘MODS ACTIVE’ folder. In our example we would then have:
debug = 1
img.dir = “example-root1″
img.dir = “C:\PES 2010 STUFF\MODS ACTIVE”
Close and save config.txt. All good. You only have to do all the above once.
Using a mod:
With any mod you wish to use with JSGME, first you just have to make sure the mod folder structure is compatible with your particular setup.
So using our setup a Ballpack mod would have to look like this, where each new line represents a subfolder:
\Tribute Ballpack v2.1\
\dt0b.img\ etc
—> bin files…
In most cases a mod will come with IMG subfolders. Anyway this part is basic Kitserver usage. The only thing unique to using JSGME is adding the \MODS ACTIVE\ subfolder.
That’s it. Now just open JSGME and drag the \Tribute Ballpack v2.1\ folder onto it, or copy the folder to C:\PES 2010 STUFF\MODS\ yourself with Windows File Manager.
In future you can turn that mod on or off at will with one click.
Hope this helps!
Big thanks to Juce and Jæsen Jones for making mod swapping easy.


Generic Mod Enabler v2.3.0 – Tutorial Gizli110
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Generic Mod Enabler v2.3.0 – Tutorial I231073_fbli

Generic Mod Enabler v2.3.0 – Tutorial Empty
MesajKonu: Geri: Generic Mod Enabler v2.3.0 – Tutorial   Generic Mod Enabler v2.3.0 – Tutorial EmptyPaz Ara. 27, 2009 8:10 am

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Generic Mod Enabler v2.3.0 – Tutorial
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